Driver and passenger ratings

Our two-way rating system helps ensure the safety and comfort of the Lyft community. At the end of the ride, drivers and passengers rate each other on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being the best.

You should base your rating on your ride experience. You can choose specific flags for the ride, so we know which areas to improve.

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Rating your driver

Passengers have at least two hours to rate a driver from the ‘Rate & Pay’ screen in the app after the ride has ended. All feedback submitted is anonymous and reviewed before shared with drivers.

To support our driver community, drivers receive a 5-star rating if you don’t rate the driver at the end of the ride. To change a driver rating, give driver feedback, or rate a driver after the two-hour time frame:

  1. Go to ‘Ride history’ and tap the ride
  2. Tap ‘Get help,’
  3. Tap ‘Submit feedback on driver’
  4. Rate your driver

Keep in mind that rating a driver 3 stars or lower means you won’t be paired with this driver again.

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Rating your passenger

If you don't select a rating for your passenger, your app will automatically rate them 5 stars. After you end the ride, you have 24 hours to edit the rating in your Driver Dashboard.  

To edit a rating in your app:

  1. Tap 'Driver Dashboard'
  2. Tap 'Driving History' 
  3. Tap the ride and tap 'Rate passengers'

If you rate a passenger 3 stars or lower, you won't be paired with them again.

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How Lyft calculates ratings

Driver rating

Your driver rating is the average of your last 100 ratings. If you have less than 100 rides, your driver rating is the average of your total ratings received so far. 

You can tap ‘Your Feedback’ in your app to view your driver rating and passenger feedback. 

Passengers can write anonymous feedback about their ride. We’ll email you a summary every week with any passenger feedback or flags you get.

Consistently low ratings can put you at risk of deactivation. If your rating is below 4.8, you may want to consider ways to improve it. Tap the ‘Learning Center’ tab in your app for 5-star driving tips.

Passenger rating

Your rider rating is an average of your last 100 rides. If you have fewer than 100 rides, your rating is the average of all your rides. Ratings may say 'new' if you have fewer than 25 rides.

To view your rating in your app:

  1. Tap ‘Settings’
  2. Tap your name 
  3. View your rating, ride count, and time spent with Lyft 

Be sure to follow our Community Guidelines during your ride.

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Unfair ratings

If you feel that a driver or passenger rated you poorly due to something out of your control, please contact us. This will help us have more context if we need to investigate the issue.

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