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Use these tips to help keep your account secure.

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What not to give out

Lyft will only ever request personal information using the SMS number, 61416.

Otherwise, no Lyft employee will contact you over phone, text, or e-mail asking for personal info unless you reach out to us first. Unless you contacted us first or the message is coming from the SMS number, 61416, don’t provide the following info:

  • Phone number
  • Phone number verification code
  • Driver license
  • Credit card number
  • Bank info

If anyone ever asks for the above, it may not be Lyft. If you didn’t reach out to us, the best thing to do is hang up or ignore the message.

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Phone safety

If you get a new phone number, change your account’s phone number. If you sell your device remember to log out of the app first.

If you lose your device in a Lyft ride, reach out to our Lost and Found team.

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Online safety

Lyft will only contact you from email addresses ending with either@lyft.com, @lyft-new.zendesk.com, or @lyftmail.com. Emails using other addresses aren’t from Lyft.

When using a browser, check that the URL starts with https:// and the address contains .lyft.com before logging in or using a website. Be cautious of links or websites that use the Lyft logo but don’t have .lyft.com in the URL.

If you log in from a public computer or computer that other people use, remember to log out when you’re done. If you haven’t already, verify your email address in ‘Settings.’

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