Guidelines for Public Health Authorities

 The safety of our entire community is a top priority for Lyft. As such, Lyft works closely with Public Health authorities in the United States and Canada to provide them with the information they need when responding to infectious disease outbreaks such as novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”).

These guidelines outline how to submit Public Health Authority requests for user data and how Lyft responds to such requests.

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How does Lyft handle Public Health requests?

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we require a signed letterhead request from the Public Health authority in order to provide user information relevant to the investigation.

The Public Health request should include:

  • Certification that the Public Health authority is authorized by law to compel the requested records
  • A brief description of the Public Health matter being investigated
  • A clear description of the information being sought and the timeframe in which the records are being sought (e.g., the specific date and time of a relevant ride).
  • Identifying information of the person that is the subject of the health investigation (specifically, email and/or phone number).

Upon receiving a valid Public Health request, Lyft will disclose data as required by law. This may include contact information of users or information regarding particular rides.

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How does Lyft accept Public Health requests?

We accept service of these requests by email. Requests may be sent by email, including via secure email, to LER@Lyft.com. Once we receive the request, our team will review and respond accordingly.

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Does Lyft notify individuals of a Public Health request?

It is our policy to provide notice to users when producing their information in response to a Public Health investigation unless (i) we are prohibited by law from doing so, (ii) we have reason to believe the subject’s Lyft account has been compromised such that the notice would go to the wrong person, or notice would otherwise be counterproductive or would create a risk to safety, or (iii) where we believe disclosure or notice is not appropriate or necessary in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

When notifying users of a request, we may provide notice after we have provided information to the requesting authority. 

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What actions does Lyft take on users’ accounts?

We care deeply about the safety of our community. If we are notified of a rider or driver testing positive for COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, they will not be able to use Lyft — they can resume using it only when they are medically cleared.

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