COVID-19 information

The health and safety of the Lyft community is our priority. We’re dedicated to doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19. We want to inform drivers and riders how to keep everyone safe while using the Lyft platform.

As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Don’t ride if you have COVID-19, think you have it, or have related symptoms 
  • Wear a mask the entire ride
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Turn off recirculated air, and keep windows down when possible
  • Leave the front passenger seat open

You can find more info or contact us in the ‘Help’ tab in your Lyft app. For helpful driver safety tips, visit the Learning Center tab in your Lyft Driver app.

Refer to these resources for info on COVID-19:

Keeping our community safe

Resources for drivers

Lyft service updates

Donate a Ride

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