Shared ride pricing

A Shared ride is always cheaper than the same in a standard Lyft. Discount amounts depend on your city, the likelihood for getting matched, and current driver supply. The Lyft app will show you the price up front: what you see is what you pay regardless of whether you're matched with other passengers.

Passengers in cities where Shared rides are available can estimate trip costs by using the built-in estimator for this ride mode. To see a Shared trip estimate:

  1. Open the app, then tap 'Shared' (check our Cities page to see if your region has Shared rides)
  2. Enter your pickup and drop-off locations by either typing the address or moving the map pin
  3. That's it! You'll see a guaranteed price for the Shared ride and also an estimated price for a standard Lyft in strikethrough text.

If you request a Shared ride, you'll be charged the guaranteed amount, which is shown in bold. You may also leave the Shared request screen by tapping the close button and request a standard Lyft. Keep in mind that fares in a standard Lyft may change due to traffic, weather, or other factors.

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