How to estimate a Lyft ride's cost

To estimate the cost of a ride, enter your pickup and drop-off locations into our fare estimator.

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Our goal at Lyft is to connect you with best-in-class service at an affordable price when and where you need it.

To achieve this goal, prices for rides are dynamically calculated based on a variety of factors including route, time of day, ride type, number of available drivers, current demand for rides, and any local fees or surcharges.

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Upfront prices

When you enter a destination, the app will show you the price before you submit your request. We use upfront pricing because we want passengers to know what their ride will cost in advance.

If your destination changes, a stop is added, or you attempt to abuse the Lyft Platform, the upfront price you saw won't apply anymore because the route has changed and the upfront price is for a specific chosen route.

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Pricing when it's busy

Passengers may see higher ride costs when there’s more demand for rides. If your upfront price is higher than expected, it might be busier than usual.

If you add or change destinations mid-ride, you may see a higher charge in your receipt. This additional amount is calculated based on ride demand at the time and place your ride was requested.

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Destination changes

Ride charges are calculated before the ride. During your ride, if you change your destination, make multiple stops, or attempt to abuse the Lyft platform, we may cancel the fare quote and charge you a variable fare using our published rate card.

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