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If you're unhappy with a ride, we're unhappy. If you have an issue with a ride, question about your earnings, or want more info about becoming a driver, you have many options to get help.

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Search the Help Center

The quickest way to get help is to use the Help Center’s search bar above. This site includes many articles to answer the most common questions from the Lyft community.

We encourage you to see if we’ve already provided the info you need.

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In-app help

Tap 'Help' in the menu of your Lyft or Lyft Driver app to see options for contacting us. Be sure you've got the most updated app version.

In the 'Help' menu you can:

  • Review recent rides
  • Contact us about any issue
  • Find answers on various topics

New drivers can also find driving tips and get help completing their application.

Visit Help tab

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Passenger 'Ride History' tab

In the 'Ride History' tab you can get help with:

  • Credit or discount issues
  • Incorrect pickup or drop-off location
  • Inefficient route
  • Cancellation or no-show fees
  • Unexpected charges

Here’s how to use the 'Ride History' tab:

  1. Open the app, then tap the menu icon in the top left corner
  2. Tap 'Ride history.' Choose the ride you have a question about.
  3. Scroll down, then tap 'Get help' (or 'Request Review' for Android)
  4. Select your specific concern, then follow the on-screen instructions

When you tap 'Contact Us,' we'll automatically investigate the ride in question to verify the price is accurate and to learn how we can make Lyft better.

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Ride receipts

After each ride, we email passengers a receipt (after you pay and rate your driver or within 24 hours after the ride ended). To get help using your ride receipt:

  1. Locate the ride receipt in your email inbox. We send ride receipts to the email listed in the 'Settings' section of your app.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the receipt, then tap ‘Request review’
  3. Select your specific concern, then follow the on-screen instructions

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Visit a Lyft Hub

Locate a hub near you.

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Asistencia en Español

Para recibir asistencia en Español, seleccione el botón "Contactar con soporte" a continuación.

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Emergency calls

For serious incidents that involve personal safety, Our critical response team is available for serious incidents that involve personal safety. Learn how to report an accident, safety incident, or citation.

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Contact us

To get a response from our 24/7 support experts, tap ‘Contact Support,’ which is at the bottom of each Help Center article on this site.

You’ll be taken to a form where you can tell us more about your concern and get help from the most knowledgeable team.

If you’re writing about a specific ride or situation, include the following:

  • Time and date of the ride
  • Name of driver or passenger(s)
  • Brief description of what happened

This info lets us investigate a solution for you as quickly as possible.

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