Law enforcement requests

This page contains additional guidance for international users and law enforcement agencies where Lyft has operations outside the United States.

Lyft’s policy is to evaluate requests for user data from outside the U.S. consistent with the laws of relevant countries and U.S. policies. Information requests from countries where Lyft doesn't operate should proceed pursuant to the relevant Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) or comparable process, such as letters rogatory.

Canadian requests

Requests from Canadian law enforcement organizations for user information related to Lyft’s Canadian operations may submit requests for user data should be submitted via our online form here. Inquiries regarding Lyft’s response process or requests involving emergencies or exigent investigations, as defined by Lyft’s Law Enforcement Guidelines, may be emailed directly to LER@lyft.com

Canadian authorities don't need to go through the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) process for requests for basic identifying information about riders or drivers as long as proper and valid process is issued under Canadian law.

Lyft reserves the right to direct requesters to the MLAT process depending on the type of user information requested. Lyft will evaluate all requests for Canadian user data consistent with U.S. and Canadian law, as appropriate, and Lyft’s policies.


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