About new driver promotions

We're looking for awesome folks like you to join the Lyft driver community. You can even earn a bonus for getting on board.

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About new driver promotions

Bonus amounts and ride requirements for new driver promos change based on region and the specific code used. View bonus requirements in the Driver Dashboard and app.

No more than two rides given to the same passenger count toward your ride requirements. Bonuses for qualifying applicants are paid 1-2 weeks after promotion ends.

Lyft will send a confirmation email to new drivers with the relevant bonus amount, ride requirements, and deadlines that must be met to qualify for the bonus.

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How to use new driver promos

Here's how to use new driver promotions.

Before you begin

  • If you use a new driver promo link from Facebook, Craigslist, or Google, the code should be automatically entered for you
  • If you don't enter a code at the time you start your application, you won't be eligible for the new driver promotion

Get started

  1. Enter a valid new driver promotion code in the 'Promo/Referral' code space when you start your application
  2. Be approved within 30 days after you start your application
  3. Complete the specified number of rides within 30 days of being approved (see Additional terms)

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Additional terms

  • Cross-country referrals (for example, a driver in Canada being referred by driver in US) are ineligible
  • In Canada, passengers can only refer other passengers (and drivers can only refer other drivers) to receive a bonus
  • Lyft driver eligibility and approval is determined at the sole discretion of Lyft and not guaranteed. Duration of application review may vary.
  • Participation in this promotion is subject to Lyft's Terms of Service
  • Promotions are for a limited time only. Terms are subject to change.
  • Bonus amounts (if any) are determined by the time and market of your application. Amounts reflect current bonus availability and be different at the time of your application.
  • If an applicant has an existing application, they're only eligible for the referral amount, if any, associated with that original application, and they aren't eligible for other referral amounts.

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